Show Reel Part 1

A show reel collection of some of my work.


Mount Baring and Merchant Peak, with a splash of Eagle Falls, as seen from above. 

The Great Mojave Desert

Magnificent Mojave Desert

Show Reel Part 2

So much good material, couldn't fit into just one show reel.

Sleepy Seattle Night TImelape

As the city sleeps...

Palouse Falls

Up, Up, and Away

Golden Princess

Princess Cruises Golden Princess sailing through Puget Sound as a part of a 73 day cruise around the Pacific Ocean. 


Portland, OR.


Some mountain flying at Mount Index and Mount Pilchuck, with a bit of Sunset Falls to open and close. 

McKenzie Tower

The McKenzie tower on 8th and Blanchard in the Denny Regrade area of downtown Seattle, as seen from a UAV perspective. Built by Hoffman Construction for Clise Properties. 

Scooting the West

Two British travel-bloggers making their way down the west coast via scooter.

Bayou Country

Selected scenes from a trip to bayou country

Discarded Vessels

Abandoned relics of the remnants three masted sailing vessels that create an artificial breakwater in the harbor outside the Port of Everett just north of Jetty Island.

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse

Washington State's Long Beach and Cape Disappointment Lighthouses.

Space Needle Sunrise

Seattle's iconic Space Needle as seen from above and below.